Salesmart aka sales mart aka blue lake services aka medxs

Salesmart aka sales mart aka blue lake services aka medxs
May 12, 2019 12:39
We were contacted by someone calling themselves Kevin Tenkku from Salesmart in Akron OH. We made a deal on a Power exam chair, a small sterilizer, a skytron table, and some Olympus gear. We paid for the equipment and sent it a truck to pick it up. We made three attempts and no one was at the location despite appointments being made every time. Attempted pickup fees charged to us got each attempt. Finally on the fourth attempt someone met with the driver.....only to give him just a tabletop sterilizer, but nothing else. We spent over 1000.00 in attempts and final shipping fees for a single sterilizer. I called “Kevin tenkku” numerous times only to get a voicemail that does not state a business name or his name. I left messages with no return call. Finally he responds to an email apologizing and promising to send me the exam chair. A month has gone by and now he does not respond with any of the tracking info or proof of shipping....I don’t think he even has the chair. I agreed to buy the skytron table in order to get the chair picked up at the same time, and yet again, United van lines made an appointment, and no one is there, no one answers the phone- and no response to email. Other company names include
Healthquip Ohio
Sea Medical
Surplus Equipment Advisors
Blue Lake Services
BLS South America
BLS International

Stay away from these guys and keep your money safe!
The address they use is now:
540 South main
Akron OH 44311

Phone- 330-349-5973-Kevin tenkku

Or 929-445-5229

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re: Salesmart aka sales mart aka blue lake services aka medxs
May 21, 2019 09:16
Omega bought a 6600 skytron with hand control. Table late in delivery. Not working and no hand control as agreed upon.. Stay away from any of these companies!!!
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