Beware Silvio Quezada

Beware Silvio Quezada
December 03, 2018 05:41
On December 2017 Silvio offer us a MRI Toshiba Opart for parts that recently it was de-installed.
We did the payment of US$ 8,000 for the parts, and we received cold head just at February 15.
One month after, March 10, 2018 he sent us another parts, we received this 10 days after, so march 25.
The details of equipment received no the same that I bought, and the parts that we received is the following:
• Head Cooler was diagnosed like irreparable
• The compressor (coolpack 6200) came without electric component (incomplete)
• The cabinet of the gradients came with AN8250, when it should come with gradient AN8300
• It didn’t came with RF amplifier
• The coils are in very bad condition, this parts cannot be of an unit it is working.
We following with the claim, by email, by phone, and he excuse it that the doctor (the person sold equipment to him) and the unit wasn't his responsibility.
We reclaimed the cancellation of the deal, but we haven't had an answer to this.
We are using this media for to beware how Silvio does his business.
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re: Beware Silvio Quezada
December 04, 2018 05:57
Frank Bleischmidt,

Here are the facts of this transaction:

#1) The Cold Head was bad and this was represented to you in the Contract.

#2) You where asked to inspect the unit prior to deinstallation and you declined.

#3) The Cold Head was pulled off the system and shipped via priority FedEx in a special box that you provided prior to the system being de-installed claiming you could repair it.

#4) The unit was professionally de-installed, rigged and shipped to you from New Jersey to Miami.

#5) Artec paid a total of $8,000 for the equipment, de-installation, rigging and shipping.

Please help me understand why you are upset with me?

Silvio Quezada

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re: Beware Silvio Quezada
December 15, 2018 04:25
This would seem out of character for Silvio, as he has always gone out of his way to make sure that we were treated fairly and all parties understood the condition of the equipment. We have done business with him many times. Maybe there was some misunderstanding about the idea of buying a 'parts machine'? If I buy an MRI for parts, we inspect it before its de-installed, and I assume that it has serious problems--that's why it's sold very cheap.
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re:Beware Silvio Quezada
December 24, 2018 09:26
I know Silvio for many years, and never had a problem with selling or purchasing equipment from him.
We, meaning seller and buyers are in a very fragile business.
What one perceives as used another sees junk
Always inspect if not possible keep 25% to b e released upon receipt
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