Merry X-Ray acquires Conquest Imaging

December 31, 2018
by Gus Iversen , Editor in Chief
Merry X-Ray (MXR) has been acquiring its competition steadily over the last few years and it is now adding California-based Conquest Imaging to the fold.

Conquest Imaging is an ISO 9001:2015 certified ultrasound repair company that was founded in 2000 by Mark and Jean Conrad, to provide high-quality third-party service in the western U.S. When the company started, Mark already had 15 years of experience on Acuson/Siemens ultrasound systems and that expertise served the company and helped it grow.

“We are thrilled to add Conquest's capabilities to our portfolio of products,” Ted Sloan, president of Merry X-Ray, said in a statement. “This continues our momentum in offering top level service and support for all diagnostic imaging systems."

Conquest Imaging released its own statement, stressing that the acquisition would not negatively impact their existing customer base. Service customers will still call the same number for service, parts, probes and portables. The difference is that Conquest Imaging will now be able to offer hospitals MXR’s vast products and capabilities.

“I am excited to join Merry X-Ray’s collection of medical device companies,” stated Mark Conrad, Co-founder of Conquest Imaging, who will remain with the newly expanded company. “I can finally realize my dream of entering into multiple modalities and providing nation-wide service.”

Over the last several years MXR has absorbed the talents and assets of numerous third-party parts and service companies, including Medical Digital Imaging of Texas, Integrated X-Ray, Wolverine X-Ray, Lupica Medical Systems and All Stay X-Ray just to name a few.

The addition of Conquest Imaging is expected to allow MXR to further increase savings for healthcare facilities by decreasing parts and service costs.

In October of 2017, the company acquired Consensys Imaging Service in an agreement that expanded its presence in CT, MR and other imaging modality markets. It also provided cost-saving measures, such as Consensys’ scalable service model, which can absorb existing service needs.

“It gives all of our customers a one-stop shop,” Sloan told HCB News at the time. “Now, whether you’re talking about the sale of a digital X-ray or the service of an MR, we have one place where we can offer our customers the service systems of basically one company.”

In April of 2018, Sloan announced that his company had acquired Nationwide Medical Imaging, a "missing piece" toward the company's goal of serving an international customer base with high quality refurbishment and sales services.

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