Onkos Surgical and Insight Medical partner to bring augmented reality to tumor surgery

A surgeon using Insight Medical's ARVIS

July 11, 2018
by Lauren Dubinsky , Senior Reporter
Onkos Surgical announced a partnership with Insight Medical Systems on Monday to introduce augmented reality to the musculoskeletal oncology field.

“Musculoskeletal Oncology surgeons face complex challenges, as every patient and tumor present differently,” Sean Curry, senior VP of commercial operations at Onkos Surgical, told HCB News. “Tumor location and proximity to certain anatomic locations require a level of precision and visualization.”

The companies will evaluate Insight Medical’s Augmented Reality Visualization and Information System (ARVIS) for use in tumor surgery. The technology, which is currently under development, can help surgeons more precisely execute surgical plans.

The system’s headset can project virtual models of the patient’s anatomy into the surgeon’s field of view during the procedure to reveal hidden anatomical structures. Virtual models of the implants or instruments are also projected so the surgeon can assess where they are in relation to the hidden anatomy.

“Augmented reality has the potential to improve preoperative planning and intraoperative visualization; allowing the surgeon to efficiently and precisely navigate complex tumor reconstruction,” said Curry.

Onkos Surgical, which is a leader in the field of orthopedic oncology, will incorporate ARVIS into its portfolio of precision oncology solutions.

“I believe that augmented reality will play an important role and become a future standard of care,” said Curry. “Augmented reality has the potential to improve the precision of tumor resection and reconstruction while possibly reducing operative time and radiation exposure for the patient and surgical team.”

But he cautions that before that can happen, this application for ARVIS needs to be validated, reproducible and demonstrate added value to the procedure, such as improved patient outcome.

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