Image Diagnostics monitor to be enhanced with new video management system

December 08, 2017
by Lisa Chamoff , Contributing Reporter
CHICAGO — Image Diagnostics Inc. is releasing a new video management system add-on for its ilex55, the first large-field 4k mobile and multi-modality monitor system.

The ilex55, which was released at the end of last year and was on display at the 2017 RSNA annual meeting, is designed to allow physicians to perform less complex interventional procedures — including GI, general, orthopedic, spine and vascular hybrid surgery — in any room without the need for complex installation. It displays one 4k image, or up to four 26-inch high-resolution images, on a large, 55-inch mobile display.

The new video management system, which is being released at the beginning of next year as an add-on to a new purchase or a previously purchased ilex55, allows clinicians to better configure the display to suit their needs. They can control the interface with a touch screen tablet that allows them to drag and drop video feeds.

“The Media Manager upgrade to ilex55 builds on the success of existing product and takes it to the next level in terms of user interface and control, as well as the organization of image area on the monitor,” Remo Rossi, president of Image Diagnostics Inc., told HCB News. “The ilex55 started as a flexible and extremely efficient product that delivered fixed-room capability in a mobile platform. Now [it comes] with the ability to provide users with a custom output of multiple video channels in user-configurable formats.”

Indiana University Health uses the ilex55, and Dr. Kashif Ahmed, a gastroenterologist, said scheduling procedures in the fixed room is difficult, but that the ilex55 allows for flexibility.

“We had to give 24-hour notice to line up the room for surgery or send patients to other hospitals for ERCPs (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) because we couldn’t schedule the room in time,” Ahmed said in a statement. “The biggest benefit of having the ilex55 is that unpredictability in room scheduling has gone away due to the mobility of the system and that it can adapt to any room.”

Ahmed said he also appreciated the larger screen, and doesn’t need to step up the magnification.

“Sometimes you might miss something small on the smaller screen,” Ahmed said. “With the ilex55, I know I’m not missing anything.”

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